Welcome to Desert Spring Children’s Center


Our Vision

We share the Vision Statement from the Center for Early Childhood education at Smith College

“It is our Vision that each child who comes through our door joins a community of children, families, and educators engaged in the joy, work, and wonder of childhood.”

We Believe Every Child:

• Is a capable and competent being.

• Is a unique and complex learner.

• Is deserving of an environment that nurtures the whole child.

• Learns through child-initiated, child-directed, educator-supported play.

• Is a social being who learns through the development of relationships and collaboration with peers and adults.

• Is by nature a creative and curious researcher and learns best through hands-on exploration that is relevant to his or her experiences.

• Deserves trust, respect, and meaningful relationships to facilitate confidence and healthy risk-taking.

• Is a subject of rights, a whole citizen from birth, worthy of citizenship in the world.

• Possesses hundreds of languages with which to describe their beliefs and experiences, and with which to express their learning.

Desert Spring Children’s Center is Reggio inspired, State licensed, and a Quality First/First Things First participant